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Munster kids Ringaroud Top

Beautiful tank top from Missie Munster

great for summer !

About Munster Kids

Munsterkids is a collection of kids apparel that is created by a love of surf, skate and street culture.

"this is how we roll"

Inspired by the urban legend of Mikey Munster, the devious side of every kid, munster garments balance a mix of kid themes and adult styling with durability and comfort leaving them satisfied and you feeling a little jealous.

The Tale of Mikey Munster
This is the tale of lil' Mikey Munster, a skinny street kid from the town of Dunster. From the age of four, abandoned on the street, his raising too tough for his mum to complete.

He looked very scary, with his fat pudgy nose and white pointy teeth and long sharp ears...but what lied beneath?
He made his home on the corner in a spooky old house, eating cockroaches, flies and other things grouse.

Rumor has it he set fire to old stray cats, trapped lizards and tortured birds. He made fun of old people and picked on the nerds. But at the age of six he just disappeared?? Never to grow old, never to sport a beard.

Just what happened to him no one can say, but the spirit of Mikey can be seen every day. For when a small child start acting quite uncouth, be sure to check for a white pointy tooth. When your son start pulling on the curtains, throws your wallet in the loo, or your sweet little daughter goes crazy, and you don't know what to do, its not really their fault, other forces are at work.

It's the spirit of Mikey Munster, that nasty little jerk!