Dante Beatrix Tote Silver/Gold

Dante Beatrix Tote Silver/Gold

The perfect tote for mums who want to look stylish while carting the world around. Great for travel and can be used long after baby is out of diapers. Handles extend to go over the shoulder. Pouch for mums or babys things. Zip closure, three large exterior pockets, three small inner pockets, wipes pocket, zipped pocket. Changing pad & pouch included.

  • Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 6 inches
  • Colour: silver/gold

*image does not contain correct color ours is

About Beatrix

So what's the story? Where did all of these cute, colorful bags, boxes, and bottles come from? Well, it started in New York City. Now everyone knows NYC has always been a place with loads of coolness, grittiness, and edginess, but there were two residents who thought it could also use a bit of adorableness.

So in 2008 Claire Theobald, a mother of two with masters degrees in design & architecture from Yale, teamed up with Marcus Woolcott, a globe trotting creative director with a background in advertising. Together they created a humble little collection of animal characteres and embroidered them onto backpacks designed specifically for toddlers. They branded the collection with the name Beatrix (because it's a cool name, it's got an x in it!)

Claire and Marcus wanted their Beatrix packs to have a simple, contemporary look, and a high quality construction. They wanted them to be an alternative to the gimmicky, disposible stuff that was usually offered to kids. And they were happy to discover that other people wanted these things too. People actually started buying the little backpacks! Woohoo!

So Claire and Marcus designed more little characters and created more stuff for them to live on; lunch boxes, wheelie bags, bento boxes, water bottles, and more. And Beatrix began to spread beyond New York, to LA, to Miami, to the world!

Now Beatrix's little crew of characters and products can be found in the hands of children everywhere from London to Sydney to Seoul. But no matter where you come across them, you'll find that all Beatrix products have the same focus on simplicity and quality and the same love for childlike imagination.