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New Sale Items!

We have new items going on sale! Get them before they're gone! You can see a few of them below!

[Funky Legs] Neon pink tutu skirt

This skirt is perfect for spring! It will brighten up any outfit and some fun to it! Or wear it for a party! It is available for $35.70 after a discount! You can check it out here!


[Go Gently Baby] Candy Dress - bubblegum

Does your child have a sweet tooth? Then she'll love this dress! The inspiration for the Go Gently Baby collection this season is candy. This relaxed yet chic dress with a nipped-in waist and a pink taffy-like accent is so cute! It's sale price is at $45.90! Buy it here!


[Egg Baby] Cotton Button Down Shirt - indigo

This woven plaid shirt will turn your child into a fashion icon! It is currently on sale at $19.99! You can purchase it here!

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